Vatican Sunset


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Thomas Kinkade, the Painter of Light™, emphasized simple pleasures and inspirational messages through his art – and the branded products created from that art. From textiles, to collectibles, to music and books, Thom gave credit to a higher power for both the ability and the inspiration to create his paintings. His goal as an artist was to touch people of all faiths, to bring peace and joy into their lives through the images he had created. Thom’s dearest wish had always been that his artwork would be a messenger of hope and inspiration to others – a message to slow down, appreciate the little details in life, and to look for beauty in the world around us. As millions of collectors around the world sit back and enjoy his artwork in their homes, there is no doubt that Thomas Kinkade had indeed achieved his goal of Sharing the Light™.

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Thomas Kinkade Studios is proud to present Vatican Sunset , a celebration of Faith featuring one of the most revered places of prayer in the Christian world. As the sun retreats and the shadows encroach upon the Vatican, St. Peter’s Dome reaches higher into the vaults of the heavens, emitting a burnished glow. On this evening, Vatican City is quiet, but several times a year, the Pope will emerge from the central balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica to address thousands of devoted Catholics to pronounce blessings upon all who hear. This piece is the perfect blend of physical beauty and sacred history. When hung upon your walls, it will arrest the eyes and capture the heart of visitors to your home. Vatican Sunset is a proud courier of a poignant message - speaking in hushed tones to the faithful. Like our daily lives, the presence of this piece of art in your home serves as a testament to your family’s beliefs and rich devotion, reminding us of the words of Joshua 25:15b, “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”    

Key Points

  • Many great artists through the centuries contributed the Vatican’s architectural design and decor, including those referred to as the Old Masters, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Titian.
  • There are 13 statues dedicated upon the roofline of St. Peter’s Basilica. Do you know who they are?
  • The statue-laden colonnades that surround the spacious portico stand in honor of 140 saints.
  • Cardinals seen in the red robes solemnly pass by in prayer, for this is their work, this is their home, and this is their family.
  • Two doles of doves are seen flying across St. Peter’s Square. Within the Holy Scriptures, the dove was the physical embodiment of the Holy Spirit, but throughout the world, the dove has always been a symbol of peace.
  • The placement of the fountains in St. Peter’s Square adorn the open space, and help us to focus our gaze toward the center monument, the Obelisk.
  • The creation of the Obelisk was commissioned by Pharaoh. After finding its way to Alexandria, Caligula brought it to Rome. But in 1586, Pope Sixtus V had it relocated to Vatican City.