A Pencil + Imagination = Excitement - Thomas Kinkade Studios
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A Pencil + Imagination = Excitement

A Pencil + Imagination = Excitement - Thomas Kinkade Studios

Thomas Kinkade Studios is pleased to present “Drawing Excitement”, a four part series of children’s art lessons by Thomas Kinkade.  We are releasing this rarely seen footage from Thom’s video library to give collectors a fun at-home activity to share with children and grandchildren.  Grab a pencil, crayons, and paper and join Thom in the Art Clubhouse as he gives easy-to-follow art lessons.  Along the way he shares anecdotes with timeless messages that children will understand and remember.


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Join Thomas Kinkade as he teaches his first set of lessons, showing you how to use crayons and lines to create anything.  In this lesson, he teaches the audience how to draw straight and curved lines to create lighthouses and anything your imagination can dream.  He teaches kids about shapes, proportion and measurement, providing simple assignments and a review.  Parents and grandparents can play this first 27-minutes volume of lessons together or in segments with the fun way Thom teaches this video.

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In this episode of Drawing Excitement, Thomas Kinkade teaches us how to draw with pencils, pens and erasers. He shows us how to use Underdrawings and Overdrawings, and how to draw from real life and from imagination. Thom revisits our model rooster, teaches us how to draw a baby dragon, and finishes up with a fun ocean drawing that includes a cute surprise.


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In the third part of Drawing Excitement, Thomas Kinkade teaches us about Realism and how to use Tone and Texture to achieve true-to-live drawings.

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Thomas Kinkade teaches kids (and everyone who is young at heart) about the history of art.  Take a step back into time with this fun video that explains the origins of art and how it has evolved through time.