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Authenticity Education

Authentic Thomas Kinkade Studios Artwork

le-art-cert-noThe Thomas Kinkade Studios is proud to offer our collectors beautiful and inspirational works of art that were created with Thomas Kinkade’s vision of Sharing the Light. Authentic Thomas Kinkade Studios Artwork is hand-crafted in the United States using high-quality materials and world-class workmanship. All of our offerings are made-to-order and ethically sourced. Genuine Thomas Kinkade Studios Artwork is sold exclusively through a network of authorized Thomas Kinkade Studios Galleries and specialty partners and retailers.


Counterfeit Thomas Kinkade Studios Artwork

Counterfeiting has been linked to terrorism, organized crime, and child labor exploitation, and it has been estimated that global losses due to counterfeiting exceed $600 Billion. Counterfeit copies of Thomas Kinkade Studios pieces are replicas or imitations that are aimed at misleading consumers into believing they are purchasing Authentic Thomas Kinkade Studios Artwork. They are typically of poor quality, are mass-produced using questionable practices, and lack the fine details that are hallmarks of the Thomas Kinkade Studios brand.


The Role of the Thomas Kinkade Studios

The Thomas Kinkade Studios is the only publisher of Authentic Thomas Kinkade and Thomas Kinkade Studios Limited Edition and Open Edition wall art. We also license Thomas Kinkade and Thomas Kinkade Studios images to authorized partners for use on approved gift items, stationery and specialty products.


Certificates of Authenticity

Authentic Thomas Kinkade Studios Limited Edition and Open Edition artwork bears a variety of distinctive attributes.  Limited Edition Prints are sold with individually numbered (seal number) Certificates of Authenticity, and most Open Edition offerings are sold with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA).  For a full description of Thomas Kinkade Studios Limited Edition Artwork and edition attributes, visit our Limited Edition page. For a full description of Thomas Kinkade Studios Open Edition categories and attributes look for the particular item specifications in our online shop. The Thomas Kinkade Studios does not track Limited Edition ownership. In order to ensure the integrity of the Limited Edition Program, the company has maintained a policy not to replace lost, damaged, or destroyed Certificates of Authenticity. As such, we urge our collectors to safeguard the COA upon receiving your Artwork.


Licensed Collectibles

The Thomas Kinkade Studios has long-standing partnerships with a group of world-class manufacturers, publishers and specialty gift companies. Together we have developed a wide assortment of products embellished with the art of Thomas Kinkade Studios. Each licensed partner has a set of rigorous Quality Assurance and authenticity standards. For a full list of partners, visit our Licensed Partners page.


Counterfeit Monitoring

The Thomas Kinkade Studios actively monitors stores, art galleries, websites, vendors, and flea markets, and pursues counterfeiters. We work with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as U.S. and foreign customs officials, to stop the sale of imitation Thomas Kinkade Studios images and prosecute counterfeiters. Report counterfeiters here.



The Thomas Kinkade Studios does not authenticate artwork. If you purchase Thomas Kinkade Studios art directly from us, an Authorized Thomas Kinkade Dealer, or an Authorized Thomas Kinkade Specialty Retailer, you are guaranteed that the artwork is authentic.



Where to Buy Authentic Thomas Kinkade Art

The only way to guarantee that you are receiving an Authentic Thomas Kinkade Limited Edition or Open Edition piece is by making your purchase from one of the following:


Buying Thomas Kinkade Studios Artwork Online

The only online stores owned and operated by the Thomas Kinkade Studios that sell authentic Thomas Kinkade Studios Art are:



Report Counterfeiting

Report an imitation Thomas Kinkade Studios piece of art