Although I work closely with the good people at Thomas Kinkade Studios, I’m also a university Professor, and as such, I wanted to take a moment to congratulate all our graduates.  I know the last few weeks were not what you imagined or hoped for in terms of your academic send-off but take this time to look forward to what will come. The world is wide and wonderful, and it’s yours to explore and learn from.  Know that your parents, family, friends, and teachers are so very proud, and want to be celebrating your accomplishments with you. You overcame a great deal for your graduation and know that it will surely stand out in this country’s cultural history. Remember – give back as you can, stay healthy, and dance like nobody is watching. You are all gloriously unique. Never change that.  My love to all, and thanks for Sharing the Light.

Dr. Patrick Kinkade, brother of Thomas Kinkade, member of the Thomas Kinkade Studios, and Professor at Texas Christian University, recorded this special message for the Class of 2020. Dr. Kinkade and the Thomas Kinkade Studios are very proud of this year’s graduates, and we wish you love and happiness at this special time.