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Thomas Kinkade Studios
Feb 24, 2015
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Artistic Lifestyle Thomas Kinkade Scarves

Beautiful scarves by Artistic Lifestyle feature some of Thomas Kinkade’s most popular images. Choose from over 30 polyester or silk scarf options for a wonderful gift for friends or loved ones.

Artistic Lifestyle Thomas Kinkade ScarvesSee the full collection of Artistic Lifestyle Thomas Kinkade Scarves.

Artistic Lifestyle, LLC designs and manufactures dress accessories such as handbags, scarves and jewelry inspired by Thomas Kinkade’s artistry. Through the popular cutout handbag styles, Thom’s beautiful art can be seen lining the handbags or on a shoulder strap scarf. Beautiful skies, florals and cottages adorn the colorful scarves. The jewelry line is inspired by unique motifs in Thom’s art such as florals, crosses and scrolls on gates and gazebos. Accessories are perfect for many gift giving occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays and Christmas.

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