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Thomas Kinkade Studios
Oct 24, 2014
2 min read

Real Life Inspirations – Beside Still Waters

Your paintings bring back a tender memory I had with my dad on Mother’s Day, 1987. I was not a Christian at the time so I did not truly understand what my dad had said. My father had leukemia and was dying. He had been in a coma all of Mother’s Day. Later in the day, when my mom and both of my brothers were together in his room, he came out of his coma. we were all blessed with the opportunity to talk with him one last time and say important things such as, “I love you.”

I remember the excited look in his eyes as he kept repeating, “I want to celebrate.” To me this was crazy. He was dying. Why would he want to celebrate? I asked him why, and he said he’d spoken with the Lord, and that He had a place waiting for him…and it was beautiful.

Although I didn’t understand it at the time, a seed was planted and God became a reality to me. Years later, I gave my heart to the Lord. One day I entered one of your galleries, and I felt as though your paintings portrayed a taste of heaven. The Lord has truly blessed you, and God’s love shows in your paintings…especially Beside Still Waters. Your works are a reminder that good things lie ahead, and that my dad is in a beautiful place with the Lord.

-Sue F.


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Real Life Inspirations are stories shared by Thomas Kinkade Collectors.  Thom’s mission was to Share the Light and create a place of warmth, love and hope in each image he painted.  If you would like to share your real life inspiration or your favorite Thomas Kinkade memory, click here.

One thought on “Real Life Inspirations – Beside Still Waters

  1. What a peaceful feeling I get when I look at your pictures. You truly have been touched by God with the wondrous of light and color in your works. I have lost so many family members but find my peace in the word and when I see your works of art feels like my family could be in any one of them cause they feel like a place our heavenly father would take us.Thank you for the joy and peace I get from your Inspirations ❤

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