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Thomas Kinkade Studios
Oct 01, 2015
1 min read

Frame My TV Thomas Kinkade TV Art

Thomas Kinkade & Frame My TV from Frame My TV on Vimeo.

Many homeowners today have flat screen televisions in their family room and often over the fireplace occupying a space that was once used to display artwork. When the TV is off though, you find yourself left with a large black rectangle on the wall that can distract from your beautiful décor. Well that has all changed thanks to Frame My TV who can give you the best of both worlds. Frame My TV is the leading provider of television concealment solutions that can turn your television into a beautiful work of art displaying one of Thom’s 30 most popular works. With the press of button the painting raises to reveal your TV. Simply provide the make and model of your TV, select your frame, and select your favorite work by Thomas Kinkade.

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One thought on “Frame My TV Thomas Kinkade TV Art

  1. First time I saw a Thomas Kinkade painting I was awe struck. Couldn’t believe haw beautiful. I didn’t realize people could paint like that. What a beautiful gift he had.

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