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Thomas Kinkade Studios
Nov 21, 2022
2 min read

Bring Home the Galaxy

Bring Home the Galaxy Partner News - Thomas Kinkade Studios

The Mandalorian™ – Two for the Road
Grogu™ and the Mandalorian™ have had quite the adventure so far, and some harrowing and touching moments along the way, but up until now Mando’s rules and code are not to be broken even when it comes to the Razor Crest™ and especially not playing with the ship’s knobs.

The Mandalorian™ – Child’s Play
After helping save the Sorgan™ village from raiders with an AT-ST Raider™, the Mandalorian™ takes a moment to consider the possibility of a peaceful life with them as the Child plays by a pond.

The Mandalorian™ – The Reckoning
In so many classic Western films there are events building towards a final showdown, and in some of those seminal moments the gunfighter must ride into town to face his foe and put his fate to the test. I loved how this was handled in Chapter 5 as the Mandalorian returns to town on a dewback to rescue Grogu™ from his former partner turned adversary!

The Mandalorian™ – Turning Point
It was a fierce battle to reach his goal, but with the help of an unlikely ally, the Mandalorian has finally located the bounty. To his utter surprise however, this bounty is a small child of unknown species and his temporary ally has now become an enemy.

This 4 in 1 multipack from @ceacopuzzles features four Mandalorian™  paintings by Thomas Kinkade Studios 

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