Plaid Paint by Numbers Luminosity Canvas - Thomas Kinkade Studios
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Thomas Kinkade Studios
Jul 18, 2018
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Plaid Paint by Numbers Luminosity Canvas

Plaid’s first product category was how-to publishing covering the hottest crafts of the era–macramé, beading, decoupage and decorative painting. The company soon expanded to manufacture the products called for in how-to books. Paint was one of the first products targeted, and production began in consultation with leading decorative artists. Today, Plaid is the industry’s leading small batch paint manufacturer, producing all USA-made paint in facilities located outside of Atlanta, GA.

Paint By Number is the all time, tried and true classic painting craft. Beautiful 16″ x 20″ painting kits are available in a variety of landscape and wildlife designs to choose from. These kits feature fine details and with extra colors included, require no blending. Plaid’s Thomas Kinkade Studios kits will inspire painters of all ages.

Plaid Enterprises, Inc., is one of the world’s largest, most diverse manufacturers of creative do-it-yourself products. Product innovation and dedication to the ever-changing needs of consumers have made the Plaid family of products among the most recognized and desired brands worldwide.

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