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Oct 22, 2014
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Plaid Paint by Numbers – Thomas Kinkade “Central Park in the Fall”

Anyone can be an artist with Plaid Paint by Number kits!  Plaid’s new Thomas Kinkade kits will inspire painters of all ages.

Plaid Enterprises, Inc., is one of the world’s largest, most diverse manufacturers of creative do-it-yourself products. Product innovation and dedication to the ever-changing needs of consumers have made the Plaid family of products among the most recognized and desired brands worldwide.

Paint By Number is the all time, tried and true classic painting craft. Beautiful 16″ x 20″ painting kits are available in a variety of landscape and wildlife designs to choose from. These kits feature fine details and with extra colors included, require no blending. Plaid’s new Thomas Kinkade kits will inspire painters of all ages.

To view “Central Park in the Fall” and other Thomas Kinkade kits, click here.

9 thoughts on “Plaid Paint by Numbers – Thomas Kinkade “Central Park in the Fall”

      1. Plain no longer makes the paint by number kits. I hope with everything going on in the world they decide to start making them again.

  1. Thomas Kincaid should sign with Dimensions now that Plaid gas gone out of business since their factory 🏭 fire 🔥 They are only selling paint and are no longer making any paint by number kits. There is an entire new market of people doing pbn thanks to being cooped up because of covid. Not everyone will be getting the vaccine either. Please start producing kits again.

  2. Hi, I was looking to purchase TK Fall @ Central Park but, its not available anywhere. I just read all of the postings and your responses. It would be nice if this paint by numbers was available for purchase. It’s a very nice, easy pic to paint. No doubt, you/they could make a lot, A Lot of money on this painting with many people home with CV19 restrictions! Here is a wonderful opportunity to make money and it looks like you/they may miss out on it. Take care, Stay safe, stay healthy. DG

    1. Hello Deborah,

      You can purchase Central Park in the fall, the limited edition canvas directly from us. Just follow this link, and it will take you to the artwork. As far as the paint by numbers, that is not a product that we manufacture or sell. Plaid is the company who made and sold those kits. You would need to reach out to them to see if they would consider making them again,


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