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Feb 13, 2015
2 min read

Real Life Inspirations – The Garden of Prayer

I am a kindergarten teacher, and I own a version of The Garden of Prayer.  During my art history class I was able to bring in a blown-up picture of my painting.  The students would not let me move on!  They kept coming back.  I was able to get them all post cards, and ten of the thirteen students would not take them home for fear of their parents or siblings taking them.  So I allowed them to keep the post cards on their desks all year.  Every time the students wanted “alone time”, they would go to their desks and enjoy them – or just get their feelings out.  Not only has The Garden of Prayer created a special bond between my mother and me, but it’s also a sanctuary for my five and six year-olds.  Thank you for touching our hearts and for giving them hope for the future.

– Shawn O.

Share Your Real Life Inspiration

Real Life Inspirations are stories shared by Thomas Kinkade Collectors.  Thom’s mission was to Share the Light and create a place of warmth, love and hope in each image he painted.  If you would like to share your real life inspiration or your favorite Thomas Kinkade memory, click here.

4 thoughts on “Real Life Inspirations – The Garden of Prayer

  1. Thomas Kinkade art not only brings peace, light, and love to live in the world but also to my heart. They bring me peace as only the light from the angels can. Thank you and god bless Thomas Kinkade and his Family

  2. Is this product on a hard solid board as I have had to return, to other companies, when they have sent a soft fold up material. I have completed two of your paintings in the past and found them very acceptable. They have been plaid products.
    Thank you for your help.

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