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Aug 29, 2014
2 min read

Real Life Inspirations – Stairway to Paradise

You may never be able to fully understand or comprehend on this earth how much your paintings affect people. I found “my” painting, Stairway to Paradise, at the lowest point of my life. I had just buried my mother after her ten long months of battling lung cancer. After mom died, I was at the Mall of Georgia just looking around when I saw the gallery. After a while, I saw Stairway to Paradise. As I stood there looking at the flowers, the climbing roses, and of course, the light, my first thought was that Mom would love this garden. By this time, I couldn’t see the painting anymore because of the tears. Being embarrassed about crying in public, I left the gallery.

But I couldn’t stay away long. Every time I went to the mall – any mall – I had to go and find “my” painting. Each time, I would sit on the sofa in the viewing room and just cry. This became a regular Sunday afternoon event for me, and each time I would discover something different about the painting. Eventually, my husband purchased the painting and gave it to me for my birthday. It’s a prayer of mine that someday, this side of heaven, the Lord will allow me to meet you face to face, so I can thank you, in person, for painting Stairway to Paradise just for me! Your sister in Christ.

-Larae F.


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Real Life Inspirations are stories shared by Thomas Kinkade Collectors.  Thom’s mission was to Share the Light and create a place of warmth, love and hope in each image he painted.  If you would like to share your real life inspiration or your favorite Thomas Kinkade memory, click here.

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