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Mar 25, 2022
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Thomas Kinkade: 10 Year Memorial

Thomas Kinkade: 10 Year Memorial News - Thomas Kinkade Studios

April 6th, 2022 marks 10 years since Thomas Kinkade’s passing. Join The Kinkade Family Foundation on Wednesday, April 6th for a free virtual event celebrating the life and legacy of Thomas Kinkade.

In addition to attending the free online event, you may also purchase tickets for a chance to win exclusive prizes, including a never-before-published framed sketch by Thomas Kinkade, with proceeds directly benefitting The Kinkade Family Foundation’s Art and Nature Workshops at Windermere Ranch. 

We also encourage you to participate in the Remembering Thomas Project, and be sure to follow along on Instagram @kinkadefamilyfoundation to share your memories of Thomas and hear stories from other friends and fans.

8 thoughts on “Thomas Kinkade: 10 Year Memorial

  1. I am trying to find a bible cover for my moms bible. The zipper broke on hers. My dad and mom love your paintings, so do we. My dad bought her a bible holder before he passed away and she wants one that reminds her of him. I have tried everywhere. They are no longer available or out of stock. She got sick and is in rehab and really needs a new one. Please help thanks

  2. Wanted to come to one of your live viewings, was told by employee it was for only people who had purchased your paintings

    1. Hello Phyllis,

      I’m not sure which event you are speaking about, but depending on the event it could have been something that was for people who had purchased artwork in the past. You can check our Facebook page for upcoming events we are holding. Then reach out to the gallery holding the event and see what, if any, stipulations are in order to attend the event. Please follow this link to our Facebook page. You do not need to belong to Facebook in order to view our page and see our upcoming events


  3. Question: We purchased a Thomas Kincaid AP painting “The Garden of Prayer” and due to downsizing our home we would appreciate advice on how we could get our painting appraised and possibly sell. Your advice would be appreciated.

    1. Hello Martha,

      We do not offer appraisal services here at the publisher. You would need to reach out to an art appraiser in your area to get an appraisal done on your piece. You could do a search online for art appraisers in your area, or reach out to an art gallery near you and see if they have recommendations for art appraisers in your area. You can always check our website here for your image and see what we sell it for brand new today. You can use the search feature and type in your image name. If you find your exact image, click into it like you want to purchase it today. Select your same size, edition and frame to see what we sell it for brand new and you can use this amount as a general idea of value for your piece. If you don’t find your exact piece, it has sold out, you can then select another image that is available in your size and edition.

      As far as selling, you could list it on an online marketplace such as e-Bay. I’ve seen artwork for sale in home consignment centers, so another place you could look at if thinking of selling. Or reach out to an art auction house and see if there is an upcoming auction your artwork can be put through.

      I hope this helps!


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