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Thomas Kinkade Studios
Oct 28, 2015
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Thomas Kinkade “Blessings of the Season” Illuminated Pumpkin Centerpiece

At Thanksgiving, we gather to reflect on our blessings. Celebrate the blessings and richness of your life with these first-ever fall pumpkin decorations. Each Thanksgiving centerpiece in this collection of three showcases a unique and high-sought Thomas Kinkade image recreated in brilliant colors including, Lamplight Village, Lamplight Bridge, and The Mountain Chapel. Beginning with Issue One, “Give Thanks”, your collection continues with Issue Two, “Grateful Hearts Gather Here”, and completes with Issue Three, “Blessed Are Our Loved Ones”, each issue to arrive separately.

This Thanksgiving decor is an exclusive from The Bradford Exchange. Each issue in this collection is artfully handcrafted by the elite artisans of Rhodes Studios, and features coppery faux-burnished finishes to recreate the look of vintage antiques. The artwork is illuminated from within by LED lights and framed by raised-relief autumn-inspired accents. A sculpted leaf-shaped charm inscribed with words of gratitude adorns each pumpkin.

Order your Thomas Kinkade “Blessings of the Season” Illuminated Pumpkin Centerpiece at The Bradford Exchange Online.

About the Bradford Exchange

The Bradford Exchange is the premier source for a vast array of Thomas Kinkade unique collectibles and fine gifts that offer an exceptionally high level of artistry, innovation and enduring value. Founded in 1973 by J. Roderick MacArthur, The Bradford Exchange was at first known as a computerized trading center for limited-edition collector’s plates, an innovation that completely revolutionized the collectibles market of that era. Over the years, The Bradford Exchange has been recognized with more than 100 top-level industry awards for the artistry and innovation of collectible offerings and services. That level of expertise has evolved into an undisputed leadership position in the present-day collector marketplace.

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