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Thomas Kinkade Studios
Dec 21, 2016
2 min read

Thomas Kinkade Hallmark Interactive Holiday E-Card is delivering the best eCard and digital greeting experience possible. Hallmarkecards partners with Feeln, an online streaming video channel that combines creativity with technology. Explore the magic of Thomas Kinkade in this painting-come-to-life interactive eCard featuring Village Christmas!

The Winter World of Thomas Kinkade is a new immersive and interactive eCard experience, blending cutting-edge HTML5 technology with the magic and wonder of Thomas Kinkade’s timeless holiday paintings. With one click on either desktop or mobile, see a winter street painting come to life before your eyes, transitioning seamlessly from day to night and inviting you to explore the scene to find fun secrets! Embrace the season and send holiday cheer with the beautiful and majestic Winter World of Thomas Kinkade eCard.

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About Thomas Kinkade and Hallmark Cards Inc.

We are proud of our longstanding partnership Hallmark Cards, Inc. The extensive line of Thomas Kinkade products includes greetings, boxed cards, gift wrap, tags and bags, ornaments and gift items. Greeting cards are available for every holiday and occasion utilizing Thom’s most beloved artwork. Personalized holiday cards are available at Thomas Kinkade Hallmark products can be found at more than 40,000 retail stores across the U.S. – including top mass retailers, drug and grocery stores, and the network of Hallmark Gold Crown stores. Hallmark Gold Crown stores make up one of the nation’s longest-lived network of specialty retail stores with a focus on helping consumers connect, celebrate and commemorate all of life’s special occasions. Hallmark also boasts one of the largest and longest-running consumer loyalty programs in the U.S. For more information visit:


2 thoughts on “Thomas Kinkade Hallmark Interactive Holiday E-Card

  1. The link to hallmark for birthday cards is broken. My mom, Narcia Russell, loves Thomas Kincade’s Art, has personally met him and has several full size framed canvas pieces painted by students under Thom’s direct supervision. Her walls are covered with his art. Today is her birthday.

    As for myself, I’ve had a ridiculously troubled life, having suffered two publicized travesties and have not recovered financially, although the ten-year anniversary for the first episode is in two years. Thankfully, the second didn’t make it onto my background’s searchable public record. I like to think that the players are not so draconian and somewhat thankful, but can I expect so much from soul-less, greedy, ambitious (and stupid) barbarians?
    I am self-employed handyman and musician in a recording/performing band, ReknRoad, which means I’m broke. If my troubles weren’t enough, well, this era of pandemia is sure to prolong the misery.
    So, an e-card is what I’m looking for for a woman who already has everything she could want. I’m fixated and determined to get her a Thomas kincade e-card, but I may need to go pick up a real card from Amy’s in Fresno.
    I’m disappointed that it seems unlikely I’ll get an e-card, and that I’ve spent so much time at it
    I should be better at planning ahead, but it took everything just to get here from San Jose.

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