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Thomas Kinkade Studios
Aug 26, 2021
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Thomas Kinkade Studios on ShopHQ

Decorate your home with the beautiful artwork from Thomas Kinkade Studios, featured on ShopHQ Monday, November 15th. This world-renowned collection embraces faith, hope, family, home, and the beauty of nature in striking landscapes that bring any room to life. We will be sharing a stunning assortment of new Framed Glass Art, Gallery Wrapped Canvases, and many other gorgeous art formats to add to your collection.

Patrick Kinkade will be a special guest, sharing his personal stories about Thomas Kinkade and the inspiration behind his artwork.  Be sure to watch these shows on TV or check-in online to see the complete assortment.


  • Monday, 11/15 –  11 am PST


11 thoughts on “Thomas Kinkade Studios on ShopHQ

    1. Love his paintings especially his Victorians. On my wish list is his HOMETOWN PRIDE. I remember the first time I saw one of his paintings. I was walking passed a window in a mall in Fresno, California and this painting in the window grabbed my attention. I had to stop. The light that came from the windows in the building and the painting was amazing. It was beautiful. This was, I believe, in the later 1980’s. Losing him is a great loss

  1. So grateful that Evine has decided to bring back Mr. Thomas kinkade’s Art through his brother Patrick Kincaid. It has been a while that we have not been enlightened by Mr. Kincaid’s beautiful art and to bring this back through Evine is wonderful, so thank you again for bringing back to all of us the most beautiful unique and precious art by mr. Thomas Kinkade, again thank you.

  2. Absolutely thrilled Patrick Kincade is finally back on Evine. I sincerely missed seeing Thomas Kincade’s fabulous and beautiful insite into the world. Patrick is the perfect person to bring it to us. Thank you Evine!!!!

  3. Hope show is not postponed again love the show with Patrick have a lot of the art work from eine and port Jefferson

  4. Pat August 15,2017
    I had called several times when Patrick Kinkaid was no longer on Evine but to no avail. I am thrilled he is coming back been a collector many years. Thank you for bringing him back.

  5. My house is full of his paintings Just love the imagination of colors Beautiful work I go visit the store in port Jefferson and recently bought Rigley fields baseball collecter piece on canvas

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