My very first Thomas Kinkade collectible was given to me at a very dark, and scary time in my life. I had all but given up hope I would ever be able to stand on my own again! Then my daughter came to me with a birthday gift, a Thomas Kinkade lighthouse figurine. She said, “Look Mommie, it even lights up like a real one! I got it for you in case you ever get lost you can find your way home.”

She has no idea the worth of that birthday gift she gave me that day! Every time I felt my hope slipping away, I would turn on the light on that figurine and let it guide me back to where I wanted to be. Long story short, it is 15 years later, and I’m in a beautiful place in my life! I married the man of my dreams, and have four wonderful step-sons and two beautiful Grandchildren – 1 boy and 1 girl! And I’ve collected Thomas Kinkade lighthouse collectables ever since. For our first anniversary, my husband took me on a 2 week drive down Highway 1 from Oregon to California, and he stopped at every lighthouse within reach so I could visit each one!

Thom’s work is all around my home and inspires me to strive every day to give my family what they need to reach their dreams! Thank you Thomas Kinkade!

– Je Anna H.


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