I am a kindergarten teacher, and I own a version of The Garden of Prayer.  During my art history class I was able to bring in a blown-up picture of my painting.  The students would not let me move on!  They kept coming back.  I was able to get them all post cards, and ten of the thirteen students would not take them home for fear of their parents or siblings taking them.  So I allowed them to keep the post cards on their desks all year.  Every time the students wanted “alone time”, they would go to their desks and enjoy them – or just get their feelings out.  Not only has The Garden of Prayer created a special bond between my mother and me, but it’s also a sanctuary for my five and six year-olds.  Thank you for touching our hearts and for giving them hope for the future.

– Shawn O.

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Real Life Inspirations are stories shared by Thomas Kinkade Collectors.  Thom’s mission was to Share the Light and create a place of warmth, love and hope in each image he painted.  If you would like to share your real life inspiration or your favorite Thomas Kinkade memory, click here.