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Thomas Kinkade Studios
Dec 29, 2022
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Puzzle Giveaway

Do you love Thomas Kinkade Studios puzzles? Enter for a chance to win a puzzle of your choice! From 1/1- 1/8, use the entry form below for one chance to win. We encourage you to share this giveaway with your friends and family using the engagement actions offered after you’ve submitted your entry form to earn additional entries. We will be drawing 25 winners on 1/9, so be sure to check your email for your notification. (And everyone who enters but doesn’t win a puzzle will receive something special via e-mail!)


56 thoughts on “Puzzle Giveaway

  1. I love your puzzles. My Mother always wanted to learn how to oil paint. I found you on TV, and my handicapped brother and I got her all her supplies, for a surprise gift, and she started in her later years. She was so 😺 excited
    I year, after always pick your calendars. Too, I can’t find a 1000pc puzzle again, that is a watermill or waterwheel, next to a cottage, or cabin. I always have wanted it, I just saw it earlier this year, but, I can’t find it anywhere. I wondered if you might have it at your warehouse?

  2. Thomas Kinkade puzzles are my absolute favourite, especially the Disney puzzles! I love how the sophistication of the paintings and the playfulness of the puzzle complement each other so well.

  3. Thomas Kinkade is my all time favorite artist! Thank you for bringing meaning into your works of art.

  4. Good luck everyone! One of my things in my bucket list it’s to purchase a Thomas Kinkade painting. Love the puzzles.

  5. I am a huge collector of Thomas Kinkade….anything actually. Hard to pick a favourite… I have 3 sets of Christmas Santa ornaments, with each of Santa’s coats with a different Christmas scene. I wish they made more of these but only found them 3 years in a row many years ago. Or maybe the snow couple my son gave me one year. I get a new Kinkade calendar each year for my wooden calendar holder for my kitchen. Love anything by Thomas Kinkade!

  6. I would love to win this puzzle for my 92 year old mom. She has a mild form of dementia and loves doing puzzles with her caregiver. I believe it helps slow the progress of the dementia and keeps her mind sharp, besides, I absolutely love Kincaid paintings as I have a few.

  7. I have love TK paintings for year’s. When he passed I was heart broken. Than along came Zac’s paintings. All in the family. I have always wanted a painting but can’t afford it a puzzle would be greAT

  8. I love all things Thomas Kincaide.
    I have quite a selection of Kincaid puzzles and would love to have another. I have MS and don’t get out to look at puzzles anymore.

  9. I would love to win one of these puzzles! Thomas Kinkade was by far my favorite artist. Enjoy some of the newer ones too, but they just aren’t quite the same. I was so heartbroken by his death, then I was blessed to find 2 smaller, authentic prints a lady sold me for next to nothing a few years back. A puzzle I could frame would be just the thing to keep me going after my back surgery next month!

  10. I love all of the products designed by Thomas Kincade. Thanks for the opportunity to win our of his puzzles.

  11. I am also unable to ‘like’ the facebook page. It doesn’t allow the ‘like’ to remain ‘liked’.. It did that to me for the giveaway that involved the print also.

    1. Hi Roxanne,

      That could be a glitch with Facebook itself, though you are the first I have heard mention it. I’m guessing here, but maybe you need to download the newest version of Facebook if you are using a mobile device to see if that corrects the issue? Also, another guess, but are you logged into Facebook when you try to “like” the page? Perhaps the device you are using did not log you in and therefor the “like” will not stay?


  12. I have ten Thomas Kinkade puzzles. Bought two of them last month. Have 1 mug. 1 gallery wrapped canvas. And 1 print. Have 3 more gallery wrapped canvases picked out so that I’ll have a group of four to represent the four seasons. Your art resonates with me in such a profound way. I look at the cabins and the cottages and feel such an overwhelming sense of home. I am in treatment for depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Looking at your art help calm the noise in my brain. Thank you for all the beauty you a add to this world.

  13. MY MOM and i used to do Thomas Kincade puzzles.She has gone to Heaven and i can imagine her in the puzzles we glued and i have all up in my lil apt. I had 2 cookoo clocks that someone tossed in the garbage.Also a small tin box.I was a avid collector until i became ill with cancer etc and i now dont have the income to buy anything.I am now workin on getting ink for my puter so maybe i can print some of my fav to put on the walls here…HE WAS THE BEST EVER <3

  14. I do not have any of Thomas Kinkade puzzles even though I am sure they are as beautiful as his artwork and everything else. I have one picture that my husband bought me from one of the stores in Tenn. I also have several pieces that I got from QVC and I have a set of plates my daughter gave me for Christmas one year. I also buy one of the calendars every year. I have enjoyed everything he did. I am glad his legacy lives on.

  15. I have put many of his puzzles together. I am working on Cinderella’s Christmas puzzle now, can’t wait to finish it and frame it. They are such g great works.

  16. I love Thomas Kinkade puzzles and, in fact, just did one this past week (A Christmas Wish)!! I always enjoy the beauty, tranquility and nostalgia of Thomas Kinkade puzzles!! They are my little bit of peaceful, quiet time!

  17. I love Thomas Kinkade puzzles. I have done mostly all of them. My favorite are the cottages and the calm they transmit.

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