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Enhanced Jewel Embellishment

The Jewel Edition is one of the most coveted Limited Editions in the Disney Dreams Collection by Thomas Kinkade Studios. This art truly embodies the magic of favorite Disney stories and characters with its Jewel Dust, which is hand-applied by Master Highlighters from the Thomas Kinkade Studios, adding extra luminosity and brilliance to the painting.


The option to receive Enhanced Jewel Embellishments is one of the amazing ways to bring extra magic into your home. One of our senior Master Highlighters will add extra sparkle and radiance to your Jewel Edition by applying additional Jewel Dust to your art.



  • Generous application of Jewel Dust
  • Enhanced luminous quality and brilliant display
  • Carefully inspected and certified by the Thomas Kinkade Studios Master Highlighter


*Note: The Enhanced Jewel Embellishment option is only available when purchasing a Thomas Kinkade Studios Jewel Edition Canvas artwork.

Enhanced Jewel Embellishment



This additional embellishment by one of our elite Master Highlighters enhances the existing luminosity that Thomas Kinkade Studios Limited Edition Canvases are famous for.

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