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The Thomas Kinkade Studios Art Showdown Giveaway is complete! Thank you for participating! Check back here to see our list of winners.

Round 1 Winner - Melissa M. - Glendale, Arizona
Round 2 Winner - Awaiting Winner Confirmation
Round 3 Winner - Awaiting Winner Confirmation
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These paintings always transport me to a beautiful place and time.

Lisa Sabatini

Sucb,Such, amazing workmanship! I, love viewing it!

Christine Shutt

Mr Kinkade’s work has always made me feel at piece.
My favorite was the one called My sheep know my voice. I begged my husband for it when it was selling on QVC OVER35 yrs ago but we just couldn’t afford it.
He left us way to soon

Judy Wittrock

I am so excited to win this great giveaway to would Please me cause I love it

Edyie Hendrickson

I always loved Kinkade’s work. Each and everyone of his canvas art is beautiful.

Kathy Crowell

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