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Jan 29, 2023
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How To Choose A Frame For Fine Art

How To Choose A Frame For Fine Art

You’ve recently fallen in love with a great piece of art, and if you’re like most people, you’re now wondering how to pick a frame.

The frames for prints, and works on canvas and wood, work best when you consider several key elements: the subject matter, the medium, your home’s other decorative elements, and the colors in the piece.

This short guide explains each part and why it’s essential when choosing a frame for your designs.

  1. Wall Art Home Decor Considerations: What’s the Subject Matter
  2. Canvas and Prints: What Medium Is It?
  3. Should You Consider Your Home’s Decor When Choosing a Frame?
  4. What Colors Are Present in the Painting or Print?

1. Wall Art Home Decor Considerations: What’s the Subject Matter?

The frame that looks great with a painting by Thomas Kinkade may look thoroughly off if paired with a piece of Pop Art. The best frames for prints and works on canvas differ depending on the subject matter of the painting.

Typically speaking, the more traditional the style, the better it will look in a frame made of ornate wood. More modern abstract types tend to look best with simple metal frames.

2. Canvas and Prints: What Mediums Are You Working With?

The medium used to create a portrait or painting play a significant role in what type of frame will look good. A delicate watercolor or photographic print usually looks better with a lightweight setting, a mat, and a protective glass front.

Conversely, oil or acrylic art on canvas or wood tends to look better with a heavier design. No glass covering or matte is required for this type of art.

3. Should You Consider Your Home’s Decor?

There are lots of schools of thought on this. Use this general rule. If you lean toward a completely traditional home decor style, like English country, you may want more traditional selections for your canvas or print pieces.

On the other hand, if you live in a walk-up apartment in an industrial district, you may find it best to go with metal options or even a no-frame look. 

4. What Colors Are Present in the Painting or Print?

Frames for art prints and canvases are often chosen based on one of the colors present in the design you’re hanging. For example, if your piece has hints of red, look for a red frame that matches the color.

Often, people choose art based on the color of their decor, which means that when you go this route, you’ll also find a frame that fits well with your home’s decor.

Final Thoughts On How To Pick A Frame

If you are inexperienced in choosing a setting for your wall art, these guidelines can help. In addition, they offer general rules that most art collectors follow.

If you still need guidance on choosing a frame, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the art consultants at the Thomas Kinkade galleries. They can help you select the right frame for your art and even come to your home to help you hang your art.

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