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Christmas Light Express - Brushworks

Christmas Light Express - Brushworks

© Lionel © The Thomas Kinkade Estate. All Rights Reserved.

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Brushworks Burl Frame
Brushworks Golden Sunset Frame
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Each exquisite piece in the Brushworks Collection, framed in either Burl or Golden Sunset, is a lovely miniature of Thomas Kinkade Studios original painting. While retaining the same grandeur and charm of the original painting its smaller size makes our Brushwork Collection the perfect fit for an accent wall or nook.

  • Premium canvas substrate on hardboard
  • Choice of hardwood framing
  • Engraved brass nameplate
  • Certificate of authenticity included
Image Notes

"In a quiet clearing high in the mountains where the sound of deer crossing the cold crisp snow can be heard, if you listen closely, you may hear the approaching sounds of a steam locomotive. The sun has started to set behind the tallest peaks, the train is glistening in the fading light, and Santa is making his final descent to deliver the Christmas gifts to the family living in the serene cottage.

Thomas Kinkade Studios presents, Christmas Light Express, our newest collaboration with Lionel Trains. With this painting we pay tribute to our founder, Thomas Kinkade. Thom grew up in the Sierra Mountains in Northern California with fascination for nature and the world around him. One special Christmas a young Thom was gifted a Lionel train set. Blessed with a wonderful vivid imagination he would dream of faraway places and the adventures in rail travel one might have to reach them.

©Lionel, LLC ©The Thomas Kinkade Estate. All Rights Reserved.

Key Points:
  • Christmas Light Express is the fourth fine art collaboration between Lionel and Thomas Kinkade Studios. The first three paintings were All Aboard for Christmas, Santa's Special Delivery, and A Christmas Wish.
  • This painting draws its inspiration from a cherished Christmas gift in Thomas Kinkade's youth – a Lionel train set he received while living in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This special present ignited his imagination, sparking dreams of distant journeys by rail."
  • The train featured in this painting emulates one of Lionel's current and bestselling Lionel train sets - the Christmas Light Express.
  • The Christmas Light Express train set truly captures all the magic of Lionel and has a throwback to the very first Thomas Kinkade and Lionel fine art collaboration, All Aboard for Christmas. The name on the tender reads "Lionel Lines", just as the train does in the 2012 painting.
  • The train features two key words for Lionel, "Christmas" on the Tender and "Holidays" on the Boxcar. This is important to Lionel, as many families and train collectors feel that “Christmas is not complete until they have their Lionel train under the tree."
  • If you look closely, the cottage has a nod to Lionel with icon L positioned on the chimney.
  • Having Santa in the scene adds to the overall “Magic” and spirit of the season. And of course, we all know that Lionel’s #1 Influencer is Santa Claus!
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