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Disney Hercules - Jewel Edition Art

Disney Hercules - Jewel Edition Art

© Disney

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In Disney’s animated classic Hercules, Zeus has great plans for his and Hera’s newborn son, but Hades, Zeus’s brother, has stripped Hercules of his immortality and now Hercules must become a true hero in order to reclaim it. Sent to Earth to be raised by Amphitryon and Alcmene, Hercules learns of his true heritage and becomes a hero in training, who must prove that he can grow from a zero to the true hero he truly was born to be with the help of his flying stallion, Pegasus, and feisty trainer satyr Philoctetes. As Hercules trains and fights off monsters and becomes the champion for humanity he falls for the beautiful Megara. After defeating Hades, Hercules heroically goes into the depths of the underworld to save his one true love, Megara, who had been banished there by Hades.

Thomas Kinkade Studios is pleased to present Disney Hercules, a visual celebration of the story of fulfilling one’s true destiny.

© Disney

Key Points:

  • Disney Hercules is the first time Thomas Kinkade Studios has collaborated with Disney to create art featuring Disney's 35th full-length animated film.
  • Disney's Hercules and Megara embrace surrounded by friends and family with Mount Olympus in the background.
  • Philocetetes can be seen in the clouds talking with the goddess Aprhodite, with The Muses singing in the background.
  • Hercules' mother and father, Hera and Zeus, can also be found in the clouds.
  • Can you spot Hermes, the messenger of the gods, and Pegasus, Herecules' best friend?
  • Can you find the Hercules constellation?
  • Nessus, the centaur, is shown in the fields on Earth, and the three-headed evil Hydra is seen across the way in the town.
  • In the Underworld, Hades plots with Panic and Pain.
  • Across from Hades, stands The Fates, and further to the left lurks Cerberus.

Limited Edition Canvas

Thomas Kinkade Studios Limited Edition Canvases combine old world craftsmanship with the finest materials and latest production technologies to produce extraordinary canvas artwork. Our reproduction process captures not only the color and mood of the enchanting original painting, but the actual brushwork as well. Every piece is hand-retouched by skilled artisans, giving the painting a look almost identical to the artist's on-easel original. Vibrant colors, rich textures and color tones accurate to the artists original brushstrokes are the hallmarks of your finished piece.

Limited Edition Canvas Framing

Thomas Kinkade Studios Limited Edition Frames are works of art unto themselves. Specifically crafted to accommodate Thomas Kinkade Studios Limited Edition Canvases, these hand crafted frames are the perfect complement to Thomas Kinkade Studios Artwork and will last for generations to come.

Framing Features

  • Premium Museum Quality Mouldings
  • Engraved Brass Nameplate
  • Secure, Removable Canvas Clips
  • High Strength Coated Wire Hanger
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